What is CasheWomen?

  CasheWomen is a social initiative by with the support of the global cashew industry to reach out to women in cashew value chain and bring them under one platform

  It is an attempt to appreciate the enormous contribution of women to the development of global cashew sector

  It is an attempt to facilitate sharing of best practices among women

  It is an attempt to enhance awareness on quality, food safety and safe working methods to women in cashew sector

  It is an attempt to understand specific challenges women face in cashew sector and address them

  It is an attempt to influence more women to take leadership role in cashew value chain


  CashWomen LeadershipTraining - Download PDF

  Theme: "My Leadership Skills and How to Expand on Them"

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  CashWomen LeadershipTraining - Download PDF

  Theme: "Mes Points forts en Leadership et Comment les Developper"

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CasheWomen is a social initiative of, the global
platform for cashew information and knowledge with the
support of the global cashew industry.

Why CasheWomen ?

1. Women drive cashew sector. It is time to recognise and respect it.

  • Women form more than 80% of workforce in cashew sector- be it in the farm, or in cashew processing factories or in the food testing laboratories. Women are the key influencers in the purchase and consumption of cashew kernels.

2. Women leadership in cashew sector is emerging steadily. It needs to be nurtured.

  • On the contrary, when it comes to ownership, women are not well-represented. Women ownership of cashew farms is under 10%. Women ownership of cashew processing factories at the global level could be less than 5%. With the ownership increase, leadership is also emerging steadily.

3. Sharing knowledge and best practises among women can improve productivity by at least 25% in three to five years

  • Women are very skilful and are keen on learning new developments. By reaching out to them and sharing best practises and knowledge, the overall productivity of the sector is likely to increase by 25% in three to five year time frame. With technology at our disposal, reaching out can be cost-effective and at the same time, effective.